Madalina Sisu Vicari

Expert on Geoeconomics, University of Liege. Romanian-born Belgian resident, energy geopolitics and energy markets expert

Madalina Sisu Vicari is a Romanian born, Belgian resident, energy geopolitics and energy markets expert. She focuses on energy geo-economics, energy security, the outlook of oil and gas markets, business intelligence, the impact of alternative energy developments on global affairs and competitiveness of markets. In particular, she has been extensively monitoring and analysing the energy policy developments related to Ukraine, Turkey and Russia.

She has authored two book chapters on energy and has published numerous articles in academic journals and magazines. Ms Sisu Vicari is also an avid commentator on energy and geopolitics in the international media in many countries.

Prior to settling as an independent energy expert and consultant, her career included positions in political journalism and public affairs and communication. She also founded and managed an NGO and a Brussels-based think-tank, designed and led numerous advocacy campaigns.

Three Seas Energy Projects: Addressing Challenges and Opportunities through More Geopolitical Clout

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No region of the world can see sustained levels of economic development without investing in the energy sector. I will delve into all the Three Seas energy projects to analyze the challenges and the direction in which the cooperation is heading. If the Three Seas is to be a highly innovative region by 2050, energy policy must be given a prominent position in the public sphere.

The new energy infrastructure projects to be built will strengthen the region’s interconnectivity, energy security and economic growth while also making it easier to reach the goals set in the fight against climate change.

However, more needs to be done to start preparing additional energy projects that are more in tune with the Fourth Industrial Revolution – digitization, alternative technologies and alternative energy trends.

The Three Seas Initiative needs more geopolitical clout. It can be achieved by the Initiative adopting a more formal framework, emulating the path taken by the European Mediterranean Gas Forum.

The Three Seas Initiative can be a roaring success by 2050; an energy grand strategy for the region will make the path swifter and more straightforward

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