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The State of Poland Foundation, (funded by BGK, Poland’s State Development Bank, which co-founded the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund), is implementing several projects aimed at strengthening the sense of community between the 12 countries which form the Three Seas Initiative. In connection with these projects, on 18th September 2021, the State of Poland Foundation is organizing the first of its cyclical conferences. Invitations shall be extended to politicians, business leaders, media representatives, as well as to renowned experts in the field of international relations from all the Three Seas states in order to discuss the civilizational opportunities that the Three Seas Initiative stands to benefit from in the coming 30 years.

The State of Poland Foundation (founded by BGK) is implementing a number of projects aimed at strengthening the sense of community between the 12 countries forming the Three Seas Initiative.

The Report “The Three Seas Initiative – a fascinating history”. Executive summary of the Three Seas Initiative survey.


The report was released just as Bulgaria is about to host the annual The Three Seas Initiative Summit, this year taking place in Sofia on July 8-9. The Sofia summit will be particularly important as the countries of the region are about to launch their post-pandemic recovery programmes, with significant funds from national assets, as well as from the EU’s recovery fund “Next Generation EU”, to be spent on infrastructure.

Recognizing the need to raise the level of awareness about the Initiative among the region’s inhabitants, as well as strengthening intra-cultural relations between the 12 Three Seas states, the State of Poland Foundation has conducted an analysis on how to create the best communication strategy for the Three Seas Initiative.


The Foundation has organized several workshops with experts in the fields of economy, history, education, culture and communication to establish the most promising spheres to be used in the process of building a stronger 3 Seas brand.

The foundation has also conducted a survey in the Three Seas region, asking inhabitants about what they know about the Initiative, about its member states and the direction they think the Three Seas should head in.

The study aimed to find out more about:

What do people know about The Three Seas Initiative?

How do they perceive it?

How do the people living in the Three Seas region assess the Initiative's potential?

Which methods do people from the region believe are the most efficient to promote Three Seas cooperation in their country?

On this basis, we are now publishing the report and communication strategy “The Three Seas Initiative: a fascinating history”.
It contains recommendations on what can be done to promote the Initiative in the most efficient manner and which methods to use for message dissemination.


The report has identified a need to create a web portal that will tell fascinating stories from the region, while also making it possible for its inhabitants to better get to know one another and bringing us all closer together. The web portal, with journalists from all member states writing for it, will serve as the nexus between journalists, academics, experts, think-tanks, NGOs and business representatives from the region.

The State of Poland Foundation, cordially invites those interested in writing articles for the new website, have information about which influencers can best promote the Three Seas in their home country or are interested in cooperating with the foundation in its Three Seas project.

The "Three Seas" study was commissioned by the State of Poland Foundation between 11-26 March, 2021 and conducted on a sample of 1214 people living in the Three Seas region.

Half (N = 604) constitute a representative sample for 3SI countries and live in 6 of the countries which all belong to the Initiative (Poland, Estonia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Bulgaria), defined as ‘Total Population’. The remaining N = 609 of the respondents additionally met the criteria of someone who reads, listens to or watches political or economic news at least once a week and who can correctly connect the names of the UN Secretary General, NATO Secretary-General and President of the European Commission with their function. They were defined as a group of 'politically and economically involved' people.

Want to know more? Visit the website dedicated to the survey.

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