Zuzanna Podgórska

Zuzanna Podgórska, Business Development Director at ACTE Sp. z o.o., radon expert at Radonova Laboratories (world leader in measuring radon concentrations in the air). Member of the European Radon Association.

Alumni of the Warsaw University of Technology. She specializes in the dosimetry of radioactive gas radon, and radiological protection. In addition to her scientific activities, Zuzanna Podgórska is also an active science communicator. She conducts courses, workshops and lectures for scientists and non-scientists, during which she explains complex phenomena in an accessible way. Since the fall of 2020, she serves as a Board Member of the Association of Science Spokesmen, since 2021 - as a President.

Finalist of the FameLab competition organized by the British Council and the Copernicus Science Center. A member of the Team organizing TEDxWarsawWomen events.

A devoted fan of Maria Skłodowska-Curie for years involved in expanding people's knowledge about the life and the legacy of the Polish Nobel Prize winner.

In her private life, a mother of two.

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