Prof. Nikolai Ivanov

History professor and former editor and broadcaster for Radio Free Europe.

Mr Ivanov is a Russian born in Belarus. After marrying a Polish woman, he has lived in Poland since 1984. Between 1989 and 2004, he worked at Radio Free Europe as an editor-broadcaster (editor-broadcaster) of Radio Free Europe – Radio Svoboda in Munich and Prague. He worked in the Belarusian and North Caucasus editorial offices. Mr Ivanon has authored more than 100 scientific and journalistic works published in Poland, Belarus, Great Britain, the United States, Germany, Finland, Israel and Ukraine. For his work „The First Nation Punished. Poles in the Soviet Union, 1921 – 1939” he was honored with several Polish and international awards, among them: the „Polityka” and President Edward Raczynski (London) awards. He has given lectures at Stanford University (United States), Sorbonne in Paris, the University of London and the University of Jerusalem.

Russkij Mir

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