Dr. Yuri Felshtinsky

Historian, prominent author and journalist, co-author (together with Alexander Litvinenko) of “Blowing Up Russia”. An expert on Russia and the former Soviet Union. He has been featured in hundreds of print, TV and radio interviews worldwide.

As of recently, Dr. Felshtinsky has focused his research on the interaction between the political processes in the United States and Russia. He has given a number of interviews and authored several publications on that topic.

Dr. Felshtinsky’s latest book about contemporary Ukraine, „World War III: The Battle for Ukraine,” was published in February 2015. Since 2002, Dr. Felshtinsky has also been in charge of the Kuchma Tapes project (decoding approximately 600 hours of conversations recorded in the office of Leonid Kuchma, the Ukrainian president from 1994 to 2005).

Dr. Felshtinsky co-authored the book „Blowing Up Russia” with Alexander Litvinenko, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the FSB who was poisoned with radioactive polonium in London in 2006. The book describes the gradual appropriation of power in Russia by the security apparatus, and details the FSB’s involvement in a series of terrorist attacks that took place in Russia between 1994 and 1999. „Blowing Up Russia” has been published in twenty countries. The book and subsequent documentary have been banned in the Russian Federation.

He has also published a number of other books such as „The Corporation: Russia and the KGB in the Age of President Putin”, „The KGB Plays Chess”, „Lenin and His Comrades”, „Lenin, Trotsky, Germany and the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk: The Collapse of the World Revolution, November 1917-November 1918” and has compiled, edited, and annotated several dozen volumes of archival documents on Russian history.

Technological Innovations and the Collapse of Soviet Communism and Post-Soviet Russian Imperialism in Europe: from Cold War to Russian-Ukrainian War.

Russia’s War in Europe. How Will It Proceed. How Will It End

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