Dr. Colin W.P. Lewis

President of Mnemic AI and Research Scientist at AGISI (Artificial General Intelligence Sentinel Initiative). Holds 2 patents in AI applications and advises governments and businesses on AI implementations.

Lewis provides training in AI and is a Lecturer and Professor of Artificial Intelligence: (AI, Data Science, including AI for Cybersecurity). He developed an AI educational / tutoring system, interactive video and an AI music system utilising Deep Learning for music correction and streaming improvement (Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube). Lewis was previously Head of Complex Projects and a Data Scientist with Palantir Technologies implementing Palantir in Banks and Government institutions.  

His AI and Data Science Research is frequently used in mainstream media and by governments, corporations, and institutions to understand developments in advanced technologies. Has contributed to Harvard Business Review, the Financial Times, Bloomberg and many others. He holds a Ph.D. in Behavioural Economics & Data Science from the London School of Economics. 

 Early career - Worked at the AXA Group HQ responsible for global strategic acquisitions and compliance with SEC regulations. Building and stock listing a startup software company as co-founder and CEO and Director of a brokerage with BP, Shell, Texaco/Chevron, Lazard Brothers and Booz Allen Hamilton. Director for Siemens within the field of technology in maritime, aviation and on land search and rescue and satellite communications.

AI: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry – Unveiling the 3 Seas Region Impact and Contribution.

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